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Noteworthy Tips


Hi ladies and gents! So much has happened over the summer. My relationship ended, custody battle finalized and my online business was making no comeback. I really decided to stop looking at my short-term future goals and wanted to start looking at my long-term goals. Honestly in this business, nothing is guaranteed. Today your site can be ranking very well and earning decent coin and then tomorrow a Google algorithm update rolls out  that makes no sense and then YOU literally are making no CENTS! …click here to read more

I think it’s been a few weeks now that I started following Nate River’s WSO 60 minutes to $100 a day. I was about 2 weeks behind on starting this project due to the fact that I was waiting for my logo to be created from a Fiverr gig. I really wanted to brand my authority site so I wanted a catchy little logo. My niche is real broad and I love it because it helps me write articles easily this way. …click here to read more

Hi IM friends. I know it has been a looooong time since I have updated. Some new things have happened over the past few months. Let’s see…my income dropped to about $400 a month, I decided to return to school to pursue a certificate to be a Physical Therapy Assistant (which I cannot apply for the program until June 2013 since I have 1 pre-req to take care of this fall first), my relationship ended, the custody battle is over with my ex and I pretty much had given up on the idea that I could continue working …click here to read more

Man, with the lack of updates, you would think I didn’t care about my sites or earnings. Oh I do care about both of those things but with my earnings dropping to nearly 1/3 of what I was earning, money to invest in back linking aide was simply out of the question.

I recently read a thread on the Warrior Forum in which a guy was going to build a new site and rank it by just using Fiverr gigs. he built the site back in December and then once a week he would purchase 2 different Fiverr back link gigs that had two different back link methods (one was article submissions and the other was profile links). Well, his site is now sitting at #3 and last month it had earned $30 a month. Not too bad but he would certainly need to upscale that in order to make it a decent earning. I believe …click here to read more

I’m jumping up and down over here. Finally something good happening with my sites for now. As most of you know, I had some sites slip in rankings after the October Panda algorithim change and mainly the one hurting me was the site that was bringing in about $500 in sales through the Google Affiliate Network – but more on that further down in this post.

The good news is that SE Slingshot has proven to be a great outlet for getting top rankings at a natural and consistent pace all while giving you backlinks with sticking power. I first used SE Slingshot back in the beginning of October 2011. Here I am just 3 months later and seeing the SERP results of my website being taken from #29 to #3 for it’s main keyword. And as you can tell by my Google Analytics screenshot below, the graph doesn’t lie. I went from 0 visitors a day to averaging about 15-20 a day now. …click here to read more

Well, since all my main money maker sites slipped off of page 1 in the SERPs and are currently earning 1/4th to 1/3rd what they were, I really started to research on what was the best method to go with to help recover those sites and get my income back. I read a few threads on the warrior forum and I found it very frustrating to hear some morons actually suggest to forget those old sites that you have spent many, many hours working on, adding tons of content, article marketing on, backlink building on and just walk …click here to read more

Well, for those of you that are not on my Facebook, I finally sold my house. I started short selling it last February after 7 months past the time my older sister was to move out of my place so that I could rent it. Needless to say the house is finally sold and the animosity between us has grown even more intense. I’m just trying to move on and doing my best not to blame her even though its easy to do. That house was the last and final tie I had to my ex from a financial point of view. I am glad its over and I no longer have to deal with it. …click here to read more

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